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PALGARD™ Pedestrian Bridge Glazing in Denver, Colorado, USA

By Tamir Horesh | February 18, 2018
The Regional Transportation District in Denver, Colorado, set out to improve commute times between...
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How To Gain Higher BREEAM Ratings With Polycarbonate Skylights

By Craig Walker | January 14, 2018
The interest in skylights has significantly grown in the construction world, and skylights are...
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Why Use Polycarbonate in Building and Construction?

By Jonathan Hemsi | January 8, 2018
Is polycarbonate the new cedar? A pink and blue pop-up pavilion by the River Thames, the glowing...
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Skylight Material Choice Polycarbonate vs Other Materials

By Jonathan Hemsi | December 20, 2017
It used to be that if you wanted to introduce light into a building, you had to use glass — heavy,...
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LRC Research Confirms: Natural Light Lowers Stress at Work

By Lighting Research Center | December 14, 2017
A new study from the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found...
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PALSUN® Pool Cover Gold Coast, Australia

By Craig Walker | November 21, 2017
In need of a new pool cover to replace a 20-year-old aging system, Architect R.H. Frankland and...
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5 Reasons Architects Should Care About The Benefits of Natural Light

By Tamir Horesh | November 8, 2017
Once considered 'nice to have' but non-essential, skylights are now being taken seriously in the...
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Polycarbonate Stadium Roof: Hangzhou Sport Park, China

By Tamir Horesh | November 2, 2017
The Hangzhou Sports Park, China’s largest stadium project this decade, features a grand structure...
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Polycarbonate glazing that controls heat & light transmission: SolarSmart™

By Tamir Horesh | November 2, 2017
PALRAM'S SOLARSMART™ TECHNOLOGY defies standard transmission of solar energy in transparent sheets...
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Celebrating 25 years of Palram DPL, UK

By Peter Slark | November 2, 2017
Palram DPL Plant Manager June 2017 marks the 25th Anniversary of Palram DPL. To mark this special...
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