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Palram offers its solution to a variety of markets and customers. In order to help you find the articles that are most relevant for your business, we've arranged our blog in three branches, representing the main market segments in which Palram operates.

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Construction & Architecture

Why is polycarbonate used for skylights? What are the advantages of PVC cladding? How can light transmission and thermal insulation go together in one solution?



Why use corrugated polycarbonate to cover greenhouses? How does PVC compare with metal in piggery roofs? What is the best growth environment for cannabis?


Sign & Display

How to print on foam PVC substrate? What's the difference between polycarbonate and acrylic for light fixtures? What is the best material for POP/POS displays?


Safety & Security

What polymer, How many layers, What Optical grade is required for a ballistic grade application vs. abrasion resistant, forced entry or shielding application?