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Nachshon Steif

Nachshon Steif is the head of Palram’s agriculture department. He knows farmers, growers and entrepreneurs in almost every country and the unique challenges they face. He believes that with great power comes great responsibility.

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Optimizing the growing conditions for cannabis

By Nachshon Steif | October 30, 2019
  When planned well, commercial greenhouse combine the benefits of natural light with the...
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What makes North American cannabis growers feel secure?

By Nachshon Steif | June 24, 2019
An interview with Earl Craker, sales manager at Green-Tek. Green-Tek has been an industry leader in...
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Local grower designs a top-of-the-art retail gardening center

By Nachshon Steif | May 5, 2019
Yarok Yisraeli, Ramat Hasharon, Israel Palram’s Suntuf Plus corrugated sheets simultaneously...
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Greenhouse Daylight Optimization

By Nachshon Steif | January 31, 2019
There is a variety of materials when it comes to choosing the cover for your commercial greenhouse.
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