Polycarbonate Stadium Roof: Hangzhou Sport Park, China

By Tamir Horesh
November 2, 2017

Hangzhou Stadium

The Hangzhou Sports Park, China’s largest stadium project this decade, features a grand structure with alternating steel and polycarbonate flower-petals encircling the bowl’s perimeter. Strong winds – and even typhoons – are common in Hangzhou and the roof was required to withstand wind loads of 310 kg/sqm. Palram designed an aluminum joiner for connecting the polycarbonate sheets, and a wind tunnel test was required prior to approval. 

Some sheets were more than 18 meters long and required specially constructed wooden crates. “Shorter” 15 m sheets, were shipped bent into a “roller coaster” shape within standard containers. At some points the roof's slope is close to zero degrees. Palram designed a special aluminum profile with a rubber gasket directing the water flow towards the gutter for proper drainage. One other advantage of the Sunpal system is the fact that proprietary T-fasteners fix the joined panels to the structure, thereby avoiding any fastener penetration through the panels, for additional protection against water leakage.

Hangzhou Stadium


Location: Hangzhou, China 
Architect: NBBJ in partnership with CCDI 
Product: SUNPAL® Multiwall Polycarbonate System 
Product Type: 20 mm, clear 
Application Type: Stadium Skylights / Roofing 
Total Product usage: 15,000 sqm 
Year of completion: 2016

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Tamir Horesh

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