How Can Shopfitters Reduce In-store Infection Risk?

By Shlomi Yehodai
June 4, 2020

The global effort to combat infectious diseases has many faces.  Reducing risk at shopping areas is a major one.


Whenever we leave the house on errands, we are at risk of contracting pathogens, including while grocery shopping.

Global pandemic outbreaks can be devastating, as we recently learned. When infection rates rise economies shake, and health services over-extend. Everyone is trying to find the balance between efforts to flatten the infection curve and restoring some normality to the new lifestyle forced upon us.

We are at risk of contracting pathogens whenever we leave the house, while grocery shopping for example. Modern solutions can act as an additional line of defense in reducing the spread of infectious diseases in supermarkets and shops.


It is impossible to totally prevent shoppers coming into contact with store equipment, but it is possible and necessary to inhibit microbial colony formation.


Retailers do their upmost efforts to improve bio-security measures.

Antimicrobial hygienic wall cladding is a unique solution that is ideal for almost any environment as a surface finish where hygiene is essential. PVC panels used for wall cladding, retail displays and storage solutions are becoming more and more popular over traditional methods since they offer appealing hygienic qualities, and maintain aesthetic values with a range of sophisticated finishes. Hygienic wall cladding provides shop fitters, architects and specifiers with the most comprehensive solution to maintain the highest standards required for public health, while maintaining design and function.


PVC panels used for wall cladding, retail displays and storage solutions are becoming more and more popular over traditional methods as they offer appealing hygiene qualities, and maintain aesthetic values


So how does it work?

Palram industries, a global manufacturer of thermoplastics that operates plants in England, Germany, USA and Israel, developed PALCLAD Pro hygienic antimicrobial panels system. Antimicrobial silver ions inside the hygienic cladding panels help stop the growth of bacteria, mold and microbes. This effect works continuously for the lifetime of the panels, reducing bacterial colonies by up to 99.99%. It turns the surfaces of the material into an active element in fighting infections.


It is lightweight, easy to work with and install. It reduces maintenance, and most of all, it can save lives. PALCLAD-Prime hygienic wall cladding system has been applied in pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.


Not only medical facilities enjoy the benefits of hygienic PVC sheets and wall cladding systems. Fresh food displays, fresh meat areas, and even standard supermarket shelves are popular applications, helping retailers maintain high hygienic standards.


Reducing acquired infections is a global mission.

The most crucial time is when we need to go out to pick up essential supplies. Palram PALCLAD Pro panels can assist in maintaining high hygienic levels in critical areas.


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