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Omer Shoham

Omer is the WW Graphics Business Manager at Palram. Through collaboration with printers and media consumers, he understands their professional pains and needs. He believes that keeping close to the end user and being creative is key to providing innovative solutions to the market.

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Can PVC be Recycled?

By Omer Shoham | November 25, 2020
A successful recycling system is dependent on a long chain of people. From the product designer to...
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How to overcome retail display challenges

By Omer Shoham | September 17, 2020
What are we looking for when specifying display materials? Some keywords, which come to mind,...
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Are Co-Extruded multilayer panels the next generation of Print & Display media?

By Omer Shoham | July 21, 2020
POP / POS Display manufacturers, who design and produce trade show booths, retail displays, and...
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What’s the best media for your Sign & Display application?

By Omer Shoham | August 20, 2019
A comparison between Polycarbonate, PVC, Acrylic & PETG Learn how to pick the clear media that is...
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The Magic of PALBOARD

By Omer Shoham | March 25, 2018
The POP / POS Display manufacturers have some unique challenges to overcome when designing and...
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